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Calling All Authors

And because I posted about the Serial, I thought I would put a call out to authors who might want to donate to the cover reveal! I am giving away goodies every day via rafflecopter. If you would like to be part of the giveaway, let me know. You can do one day up to five days. I have 15+ blogs that will be participating.

What I need from you? Email me and let me know what you want to give away. I will be happy to take swag, digital downloads, print books…all the things that readers love. Deadline to contact me is Wednesday the 7th.

Now, starting the first week in September, I am going to open my blog up for authors to blog again. It will only be once a week–Mondays. Again, if you are interested, please EMAIL ME. It is a first come first serve kind of situation.

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