Rory and Zeke - Melissa Schroeder

Rory and Zeke

During my writing of A Little Harmless Ride, I met another bisexual Dom. I’m not sure when his story is coming out, but I am excited. I am proud of all my Harmless books, but I think A Little Harmless Fantasy ranks up there with Obsession for me. The story of Zeke, Maura and Rory took a lot of me, especially since I was unknowingly writing it with severe anemia, lol. But I really enjoyed the melding of that relationship and look forward now to writing another one like it.

Here is a bit of why Zeke and Maura like Rory so much.

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“A week in Hawaii just the three of us could be a lot of fun.”

He stepped behind Zeke’s chair and started to rub his shoulders. Zeke tried to resist the temptation. It was futile, he knew that, but he put up the fight for a few seconds.

“Think about it, Zee. You, me, a woman who likes to be tied down…”

Rory’s voice trailed off then he turned Zeke’s chair around. He leaned closer, bracing his hands on the armrests. The soap they had shared that morning in the shower permeated the air and brought back the memories. Zeke closed his eyes and shuddered.

Rory nuzzled Zeke’s neck then he felt his teeth nip at the sensitive skin. He was a weak man. When it came to temptation there were only two people in the world who could get him to forget about the consequences. One of them had just dyed her hair blonde. The other was Rory.

“You know you like the idea, doncha, love? You’re picturing it right now.”

Of course he was. His cock twitched as he tried to keep his cool but he had never had control when it came to Rory. It was one of the things that both he and Maura had over Zeke. He couldn’t resist either of them and right now, he wanted Rory. Needed him so much his hands were already shaking.

Rory kissed a path up to his mouth and then attacked his mouth. His tongue thrust into Zeke’s mouth, over and over. How could it be that this man could make him come undone so fast?


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