Chasing Luck - Melissa Schroeder

Chasing Luck

Woo hoo! Yes, this was supposed to come out earlier this week. I swear, I forgot. I remembered for half a minute, then I forgot, lol. Yes, I am a bit crazy at the moment.

This is a reissue and therefore is only offered at Amazon. I will update the buy links as Amazon filters out to the international sites.


Luck is the ficklest fate, choosing where and when to dispense her work. But she’s tired of being the complete outlaw, running around the world, doing as she pleases. She wants to be a normal girl, as normal as a Fate can be, so she settles into a West Texas town, hoping for normalcy. What she found was Chase Franklin.

Chase has something to hide, something he doesn’t want discovered. To everyone in town, he’s just the sheriff, keeping order on a Mayberry kind of town. But little does anyone know he is actually an immortal god who has been plotting his revenge for years. When Hera offers him a golden opportunity, he jumps at the chance. He just never thought he’d fall in love with his one and only chance.


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