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Great Monday News!

So, there have been a lot of things going on. This is an update of sorts.

First, be sure to stop by FOR THE LOVE OF MILITARY ROMANCE and check us out! Tomorrow will be my official blog day, but there is a blog up there welcoming everyone to the blog and our appearances for the month.

Now on Sale!

If you haven’t tried Harmless, you have a chance to get a taste of both series at a special low price!

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A taste of both Harmless series… A Little Harmless Submission, Book Six in the main Harmless series and Infatuation, Book One in Harmless Military.






A Little Harmless Fantasy is up for Book of the Month at Long and Short Reviews. You can vote now!


Three of my books were nominated this year for The Romance Reviews Best Books of the Year! Winners are going to be announced April 5th.





I have had a lot of questions about Kiera West. Since getting sick this year, I have had trouble finishing the books. They will get written, I promise. I am hoping to tackle them soon. I had Max’s book mostly written and had to scrap it. It just wasn’t up to my standards and I didn’t want to turn in the book just to have it release. I want to give my readers the best I can, and that wasn’t happening. I hope y’all understand.


That’s it for now. Updates to the website should be done within the next week or so, along with blurbs for the Santinis.


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3 Comments on “Great Monday News!

  1. There’s lots of good news. Just make sure you take time for yourself and be as healthy as you can. Your fans will wait.

  2. First I want to say I love your books! Second, please, please, please tell me you are going to finish Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska as Kiera West. I’ve just finished Jason’s book, went to get the next one to find out it’s not there. I’m stranded. I want to find out what is up with her parents & do they catch the killer. Love that series.

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have no control over Great Wolves. If I had self-published them I would have finished them, but due to contractual issues, I can’t say more than that.

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