Telepathic Reissue - Melissa Schroeder

Telepathic Reissue


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This was my first ever futuristic series the first year I was published. I really fell in love with the genre. Space operas are some of my favorite books to write. Total escapism. These three books are interrelated but the romances all start and finish in each story.


A Federation under siege. A Counter-Terrorism Department overworked. Paranormal abilities outlawed. But when no one suspects what you can do, criminal Voices Carry. Called by lust and longing, three telepaths risk their lives to put their skills to work for the Federation Counter-Terrorism Department.


When a criminal organization stealing secrets jeopardizes her boss’ life, secret telempath Shana Adams risks everything to uncover the truth and save Marcus. Draws into a dangerous web of passion and suspicion, she’ll offer Marcus more than her body to survive.


Alien Gorgons, Federation enemies? No contest. Telemphatic anti-terrorist agent David Adams can fight anything. Anything, that is, but his feelings for Genoa, the sassy, sexy spy he’s been charged with protecting.


Once a powerful paranormal, psychically crippled Drug Enforcement office,  Nolete Ashford has rebuilt her life from ashes. Now she’s on a mission to stop a drug that is killing paranormals. Nothing to it, no problem-until she’s assigned to work with Drake, the one man she could never forget.

This is a reissue that has been edited for content.


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