Telepathic Cravings: Lost in Emotion - Melissa Schroeder

Telepathic Cravings: Lost in Emotion

I love futuristics. Okay, I love writing just about any time period, but every now and then, a girl likes to blow shit up. I always seem to have firefights and crap when I write them and it is fun to live in a fantasy world like that…for a little while.

Voices Carry-the first of the books for the Telepathic Cravings, was my third ever release and the first futuristic I ever tried to write. Loose Id originally published it and I had no idea it would turn into a trilogy. But, then David Adams, the heroine’s brother from Voices Carry stood out and I had to write a book for him. And, of course, I sent him to a woman who would cause him so many problems. He is empathic, so everything she’s feeling he is too. Or starting to. He hasn’t had the ability to use for years, but it’s back and causing him problems.

Here is a bit of their exchange:



“Well, you can forget it. Marcus wants you in the flesh. I don’t plan on disappointing him.”

She laughed, her eyes sparkling with her amusement. “Take it from me—you’re cute, but you’re not Marcus’ type.”


“Marcus is into women. Human women, at that.” She touched the top of her blouse, slipping her fingers through the sheer purple fabric. He curled his fingers into his palm to keep from joining her. Then her words registered.

“You think I’m interested in Marcus?”

Her lips curved into an evil smile as a wave of fear intermingled with something that felt almost like panic washed over him. “I just figured you were so intent on making him happy…”

Her voice trailed off as he stood. His anger and pride matched the anxiety she was letting off. Never in his life had he been accused of being interested in men. David saw it for what it was. She was trying to put him in his place, build a wall between them. It didn’t matter. He’d passed reason the moment he’d seen her in the club.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her up. Even in her ridiculous little slippers, she stood almost eye-to-eye with him. She blinked once. The color of her eyes deepened. He dropped his gaze to her mouth and almost groaned aloud when her tongue licked her pouty lower lip. Every thought cleared out of his mind, except one. He had to have a taste.

David yanked her closer, enjoying the surprise in her eyes and the angry flush in her face. Anticipation, annoyance, and a dash of fear lashed from her to him. Her body fell against his, and he wrapped one arm around her waist. Before she could protest, he took hold of her chin, bent his head, and touched his lips to hers.

At first, she didn’t respond. He could almost feel her quivering, standing on the edge of surrender. He pressed closer, tracing the seam of her lips with his tongue. Her soft curves molded to his body, the hardened tips of her nipples against his chest. His hands slid down to cup her ass and pull her tighter against his groin. One more second of resistance, then her mouth opened and he dove inside.

The first thing David thought of was wild strawberries. His favorite fruit. She was sweet and tart and just like the taste of them when picked off the stem. He’d never sampled anything so innocent and sinful at the same time. Possessiveness lanced through him. The need to conquer, to have this woman for his own, caused him to deepen the kiss. Genoa moaned. Her tongue tangled with his, and he was lost.

He could no longer control any of his emotions or hers. They swept through him, racing through his blood. He dug his fingers into her rounded cheeks, rubbing his erection against her mons. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed closer, joining in his rhythm. Oh, God. He could feel her damp heat through their clothing. He wanted to drag her down on the floor and rip through those layers of clothing and sink his cock into her.

David pulled back from her. Her legs were still around his waist, her eyes half-closed and filled with unrelieved desire. Right then, he knew he couldn’t stop. He knew what she wanted, what she needed. He could feel it thrumming in him, striking a familiar cord.

In two steps, he made it to the conference couch. They tumbled onto it without much ceremony. The next instant, his lips were on hers, tasting, devouring, loving every minute of it. Her arousal took a swift turn upward, biting through him, edging him so close to coming in his pants, he was almost embarrassed. Almost, because it just felt so damn good. Being on the edge of a free fall into ecstasy was one of his favorite feelings. And this woman was pushing all the right buttons, from her smart-ass mouth, to her defiance, and the overwhelming maelstrom of emotions rolling off her.

David broke from her mouth, and trailed kisses down her neck. As he nipped and licked her skin, he reveled in the feel of it—soft and sweet. Her unique scent rose and mixed with her emotions, sending every available drop of blood to his dick. He ground his groin against hers. She moaned in response. The sound sent another wave of need through him. He grabbed hold of the top of her blouse and pulled it down, revealing the most beautiful pair of breasts he’d ever seen. Ivory skin, small, but bottom-heavy, and tipped with rosy nipples. Every bit of moisture in his mouth dried up, as he watched them pucker tighter.

A sense of apprehension mixed with a heady dose of desire spun through him, weaving a seductive web he was helpless to avoid. His balls twisted, thinking about seeing the rest of her skin laid bare. It took every ounce of willpower he had not to rip the damn fabric from her body. He continued rubbing his cock against her as he brushed his fingers first over one hardened nipple, then the other. She shifted beneath him, matching his rhythm.

He bent his head and grazed the tip with his teeth. She shivered and sighed in reaction. That one little sign of want had him taking the nipple into his mouth, circling it with his tongue and sucking. Her thrusts picked up rhythm as she bucked beneath him. He wanted her to come, to lose all control. David was sure it would be beyond anything he’d ever felt before.

A second later, he moved toward her other breast, nipping at the sensitive skin between them. Her fingers speared through his hair, then tangled in the strands. He took the other nipple in his mouth the moment she murmured his name. Her moans increased along with the waves of desire that flowed from her to him. Her feelings were so strong, they rippled along his skin and tingled down his spine. Primal urgings pushed all sane thoughts to the side. He needed to be inside her hot, moist sheath, or he would go insane.


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