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Looking for a Few Good….Reviewers

With the release of The Santinis growing closer by the day, I’m hidden in my cave writing:) But, I am just about to send Leonardo’s books to beta readers, then I’m going to have it ready for reviewers. Remember, this is a NOVELLA. Each one of the books will run around 22-25K, so about 75-100 pages.

By taking Leonardo to review, you agree to:

  • Post an honest review on Goodreads, your blog, a review site, and/or an online bookstore.
  • You will not share the book with others.
  • Deadline to post the review is May 7th. (unless you are posting it to a review site,then we need to know when you can post it there)
  • Email us with that link to the live review. Brandy is not going to go find them. If you do not email her, then you will not get credited.

I hope to have the ARC PDF ready by April 7. There will ONLY be PDFs. That gives you a whole month to read the novella;)

Now, once  review is live, you can email me a link and you can get the next book. I know that because I cannot do preorders in most places, this does put some of you at a disadvantage. I am sorry. Until Barnes and Noble and Amazon allow me to do preorders, then I can’t do anything about it.

Still, no worries:) You can post on the first day of release, May 3, and you can get the next book that day:) So you will have it a full WEEK before everyone else. We will be happy to do that with all the books, but you will have to post by 5 days after the next three releases (Marco-May 15, Gianni-May 22, Vicent-May 31)

You will NOT get the next book if you do not post by the 7th. The reason we suspended the reader review program before was the paperwork was getting just silly. People weren’t posting their reviews until months after the release, or not at all.



Do you think you are up to it? Well, then, email me at:

CONTACT AT MELISSASCHROEDER DOT NET with the SUBJECT LINE: LEONARDO ARC REVIEW. Please list where you can post your review. We will accept the first 35 people who contact me about it. Good luck!

I have removed the comments. Do not comment here about it. Email or you won’t be considered.


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