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Just a Few Housekeeping Things…

I know that a lot of you are disappointed that I moved books back and might be looking at my coming soon page with confusion. There are a lot of books coming that seem to be coming out. Of the books on my coming soon page, seven of them are reissues. I have been working on some of them for awhile, and many of them I am just proofing them before I release them.

This is giving me a chance to get ahead on my Harmless and my paranormal books without hurting me financially. I love to write but I also make my living from it and this way, some of you are going to get to read books that have not been on sale in years. In fact, I think Cowboy Up was last out on my website three or four years ago. I know it has not been on sale since 2005.

I wanted to give you some info about all of them as you look through them. I am working with Wax Creative who has been a blessing through all this mess to help me organize my coming soon so it is easy for you to see what is coming down the line. It is still a little dusty because I am slow. Very slow, lol. So that fault is mine, not theirs. They have been amazing during it, as they always are.

So, if you have read the books in the past, I wanted to let you know that some of them will not change much. I am organizing that all for Wax and as soon as I get this to them, I am sure they will get it up super fast. They are amazing like that. So, in the blurbs, there will be three different notes and this is what they will mean:

Edited for content: I proofed it, possibly had a beta or a proofer read through it but the book is pretty much the same.

Slightly revised: I have gone through the book, expanded a few scenes and increased the page count a little. Not extensive.

Revised extensively: The book as been revised and the word count has been increased by at least 25%.

Bundles are not changed at all.

I hope this makes it easier for y’all.


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