Sexy Saturday: A Little Bit of Fantasy - Melissa Schroeder

Sexy Saturday: A Little Bit of Fantasy

I thought I would give you another taste of Fantasy today.



Rory kissed his neck as he slid one hand down to Zeke’s crotch.

“Ah, that’s a nice present you have there for me, Zee,” he said, the edges of his voice roughened.

Why did that always get to him?

Rory continued kissing his neck, nipping at the skin. Turning him around, he shoved him against the counter. He took Zeke’s mouth in a rough, possessive kiss. Zeke felt the scrape of Rory’s teeth against his bottom lip. He shuddered in reaction. He couldn’t help it. Rory pressed his groin against Zeke’s.

Bloody hell.

Rory paused and looked behind Zeke, who followed his line of vision and saw Maura watching them from the stairs. Damn, she was wearing that tiny yellow string bikini that barely covered all her naughty bits. Whenever she wore it, he wanted to either cover her up so people couldn’t see her—or tear the fucking thing off her.

“Don’t stop on my account, boys,” she said. He would have never known she would be so turned on watching them, but she was.

“Boys?” Rory asked. “I think we’ve proven more than once that we are a little bit more than boys.”

She walked down the stairs, taking her time as she watched them. “No, really, you shouldn’t stop.”

Zeke knew that most women who came to their bed did it as some kind of challenge and they often became jealous if Rory and he spent too much time together. For Maura it was different. He knew that part of it was her love for him. But, now, there was something else he hadn’t expected. She was turned on by his interaction with Rory. Zeke was pretty sure that hadn’t happened before now.

“I’m fairly certain you don’t call the shots around here,” Rory growled.

She stopped a few feet from the two of them and cocked her head to the side. “Yeah?”

He heard the challenge in her voice and he looked at Rory. Their gazes locked.

“I think she’s questioning my authority here, Zee.”

“I think she is too,” Zeke said and they both looked at her.

Her lips curved and his heartbeat kicked up a notch. “So, whatcha going to do about it, guys?”


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  1. I haven’t gotten to it yet, but it sounds really hot. Thanks for posting excerpts 🙂

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