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A New Year…and new things in the making

Hey, everyone! I hope you had a great holiday. I have been buried playing with my threesome in Hawaii. It should be completely into my editor by the end of this week. It is the longest Harmless book I have ever written and I hope that readers like the book. It has been a struggle and being the longest book, it has taken the longest to write.

But, I wanted to hop on here and let y’all about some things coming up. I am going to be doing some more things here on the blog and I thought you should know and some news about my WCP books.

First, the WCP books. I have been given the rights back to ALL of my WCP books and will be rereleasing them with new covers and at lower prices. I doubt I will put these in print, but we shall see. Books included are: The Hired Hand, Hands on Training, Telepathic Cravings, A Calculated Seduction, Her Mother’s Killer, and Going for Eight (which hasn’t been out on the market for several years). I will be releasing a few each month.

Now, coming up on the blog, I will have some more things weekly. First, I will have the WIP Wednesdays where you can get a peek at what I am working on and Sexy Saturdays that will include all kinds of sexy things, from excerpts to pics to cover reveals, and new to the blog is my Tasty Tuesdays!  It will include all kinds of recipes and tasty treats.  That will start next Tuesday.

Again, keep an eye out for A Little Harmless Fantasy in the next week or two!

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