Sexy Saturday-Getting Lei'd - Melissa Schroeder

Sexy Saturday-Getting Lei’d

Happy Saturday! I am spending the day packing for the HELLCATION, but here is a little something to pic up your day from my Hawaiian Holidays book, Getting Lei’d.


For a second, she couldn’t think. His eyes were warm with humor, and he was leaning closer to her. The scent of him, musky male, filled her senses. Then what he said hit her. It brought the memory of their college days and her worry of drinking something with an aphrodisiac in it.

Her face burned in embarrassment.

“It could have happened.”

He laughed, the one she loved, so carefree, and reached up to tug on one of her curls. “Of course it could. But I told you that I would keep an eye on you.”

She tried to think of an answer, but her brain was melting into a puddle of lust. He was touching her, wrapping a curl around his finger. The breath backed up in her lungs as her hormones danced. Heat surged through her blood.

She tried to move back but found Alex beside her on the couch. So lost in her reaction to Damon, she hadn’t noticed he’d sat beside her on the couch.

She started when her hip rubbed against his leg. As she turned, Damon let go of her hair. Sitting between them had her body heating with lust. Every thought dissolved.

“What are you two up to?”

Alex smiled, his golden eyes warming. He leaned closer. “We want you, Mari.”

He said the words, her body reacted, but it took a second for her mind to catch up. Mortification filled her as she rose from the couch and backed away.

“That’s not funny.”

The men shared a glance and some kind of silent communication.

“What’s not funny?” Damon asked.

“I know what you do. You have never hidden it from me, but I know that isn’t something you want from me.”

Again, they shared a look.

Damon cocked his head to the side, an unreadable expression sliding over his face. “How do you know?”

She hated the need to believe, to want this to be true. But she knew better. Men like them did not go for women like her.

“I can’t take any joking about that.”

“What makes you think we’re joking?” Alex asked.

“I know what kind of women you like, what kind you go for, and they aren’t like me. And that’s fine.” Although at the moment, her heart ached to tell that lie. She wanted to be the woman they wanted, the one woman they wanted to share for the rest of their lives, but she knew it wouldn’t happen.

“How do you know what kind of woman we want?” Damon asked, a frown marring his beautiful face.

She snorted and crossed her arms beneath her breasts. She thought she heard a groan from the couch. “I know exactly what kind of women you two…share.”

“Hmm,” Alex said as he rose from the couch. He approached her, an almost-feral look in his eyes. “Do you know what I think?”

She shook her head as he approached her. This wasn’t her friend, the one she could laugh with, the one who always made her happy. This was another man entirely. She heard Damon rise from the couch, but she couldn’t look away from Alex. His eyes had deepened. His face was flushed with arousal.

“I think you don’t know jack about what we like.”

She opened her mouth, but Damon had joined him, and they crowded her back against the windows. She glanced at him and saw the same look she’d witnessed on Alex’s face. Heat exploded, sped through her blood, twining through her veins.

“Listen, I don’t know what this is about. But I am not up for fun and games.”

Alex seemed to move away, and Damon slipped in front of her. He placed a hand on either side of her head, against the windows.

“But I think you are up for fun and games.” He leaned in, his body effectively caging her in. But she didn’t feel threatened. She felt…alive.


He nuzzled her neck, his breath feathering over her sensitive skin, sending a rush of heat dancing over her nerve endings.

“In fact, we’re both hoping that you’re into a whole lot more fun and games.”

She shivered as he pressed closer. His chest pressed against her breasts, and she knew he could feel her hardened nipples. She closed her eyes, indulged in the fantasy, in the idea that she could have both of them.

Liquid heat tugged at her belly, then slunk between her legs. Her panties dampened. Her body pulsed with need.

“W–what are you doing?”

He pulled away as she felt Alex move close to her side. Damon’s eyes were dark, his sexual need easy to see there in his gaze.

“Trying to entice you into bed.” He nuzzled her neck again. “What do you say, Mari? Wanna have some fun?”


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