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Serials-need your opinion

I am in the middle of editing Kiera West’s next book (and yeah, I talk about myself in the third person when talking about her) and I contemplating doing my own serial book. I have an idea for a BDSM serial but I have not decided if I want to do it as just a novel, or a serial. Part of the reason doing it as a serial appeals to me is because of my time limitations. I could easily put out 5-10K word (30-50 pages or so) of a serial every couple of months for .99.

Since, I have not decided for sure so I want y’all’s opinion. In the end, I would release the entire thing together at a discounted price. Thoughts? Again, the installments would not go over .99 unless they are much longer than the 10K.


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  1. I’m fine with serial form. As a fanfiction reader, I’m used to waiting for chapter after chapter of a story, so this would fall into the same rhythm for me.

  2. At .99 I’d buy 10k serials. But that’s me. With Siren ones I buy them and then read them all at once but for .99 it might be fun to get a little more each time, but I also might horde them until I have them all, depends on my mood but at only .99 a piece I would get them

  3. I would be so down w/ either ! love all your stuff!
    I am sorry that may have sounded like a total cop~out ….
    (as a complete Book~Junkie that does enjoy your work )
    I would be bummed to have it drag in serial form but will $ either way……
    V/r Yuccacat aka Dianna

  4. I like the idea. Especially having them all together at the end. At .99 or even 1.99 for longer installments seem like a good price.

  5. Serials would be awesome! It would be like a new steamy experience every month or so! At .99 I would buy it!

  6. I am not a fan of serial because I always want a HEA. If you want to put them out that way I would just wait till the end and buy them all at once.

  7. There are a couple out there that want $2.99 to $4.99 for less than 50 pages per installment. I won’t touch them…there’s no way I can justify spending that much money for something I can read in an hour. I do follow a couple that are $.99 per installment for about 50 pages and I’m great with that. I say, “go for it”.

  8. sure!!! why not???
    instead of waiting for the “big dose” i could handle a slow, steady infusuion of a good read!

  9. I’m not a fan of serial romances. I prefer to read the entire thing at once.

    If they come out that way, I usually wait until the end and buy the bundle or the entire series at once and read it.

  10. I *might* buy a serial from a favorite autobuy author, but even then it’s only a *might*. Mostly I find the idea of them annoying , especially because they’re often not really planned and paced as true serials.

  11. I do read your Kiera West serial installments as they are released and have loved them. I wouldn’t mind if you wrote more of them that were 10K for $0.99. That way, I could get a quick reading “fix” if I don’t have a lot of time.

    1. Thanks! I really wanted to write it this way from the beginning and I have never really had a moment where I said, “I want to write this as a serial.” Kiera West books evolved because that was what the line was doing.

  12. I say go for it Mel. Especially if you are drawn to serials right now. It gives you a chance to renew yourself for longer stories…yet gives you a new outlet/direction for now.

  13. I say go for it MEL!!! I enjoy reading serial books and actually look forward to the next installment. It really does not matter to me the cost OR how long it takes for the next book to come out. If I LOVE the writer I pay the price and wait patiently. GO FOR IT MELISSA/or should I say KIERA WEST 🙂

  14. I think the more stories the better, and with your limited time I think that would be he smartest way to go!

  15. I bought Beth Kery’s recent serial and loved the story but didnt enjoy the format. I am a very fast reader and to hold two or three chapters in front of my nose was torture. I’d much rather read the entire book in one sitting than bits and pieces over a couple of months.

  16. I say go for it too. I would purchase for .99 cents. But I would also like the whole series in a bundle for a discounted price. I am all for saving a buck or two! But whatever you decide will work. Your stories are great and I enjoy reading them.

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