Happy End of Summer - Melissa Schroeder

Happy End of Summer

Here in the US, we sort of have an unofficial end to summer and that is Labor Day. I will be the first to admit that Summer is my least favorite season while we live in the South. I don’t mind warm weather. I mind that it is so freaking hot that I cannot even think of going outside without melting. This year was worst than last. So, I am of course, happy to see it go.

Since it is sort of a changeover kind of day, I wanted to give you some updates and what not on things I will be doing.

Aloha Fridays will be happening every Friday, except when noted. It might be because I have a big blog party going on or something like that. Every Friday there will be a chance to win stuff. I will be picking winners on Sunday mornings from now on.

Sexy Saturdays will still happen. Sometimes it will be just pics, others about something that is sexy or romantic, like sexy vacation locations, or an excerpt like I did this week.

Right now, I have no other plans for the week. I will still occasionally do my Sunday Scribbles, but not that often. What I want to do more of is blog with readers, and make this a place to keep you up to date on what is going on. Whether it is a giveaway or something about a new book or maybe research for a new book. My newsletters from now on will mainly come when I have a release or something that is VERY time sensitive.

Guest posts are on hold for now. I am not saying I will not do them again, but it became too much of a burden to work on the schedule and unfortunately, chase people down for the blogs. I will still have parties and will bring in other authors for that. Just right now, I am trying not to burden myself or Brandy with too much to do.

Lastly, I just wanted to let readers know that my release dates are never really certain. As a self-pubbed author, I cannot have preorders and I can never say for certain a book will be out on a certain date. Also, remember, I am still trying to get my priorities in order since the BP thang this summer, so I will get books out as fast I as I can, but I do not want to go into the hospital. Since most my books are getting longer, Desire will be close to 90K probably and the Military Harmless books are going to move to the 40-50K range, it will take longer to write. So you are getting more story, so that should make everyone 🙂

There are a few more things on the horizon. I am going to start a serial BDSM book set in Savannah. I will be releasing it in chapters and it will be free on my site. I am still working on the how, but look for it sometime this winter. When it is done, it will be put together in a print for sale.

I also plan on going more in depth about the books here on the blog. There will discussions on character development, different themes in each book, and I plan on listing the soundtracks for each book:)


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