Sexy Saturday: Soundtrack for ALH Fantasy - Melissa Schroeder

Sexy Saturday: Soundtrack for ALH Fantasy

Yes, I am working on getting Desire by Blood done, but I am getting ready for Fantasy next. All three of the characters came awake for me this week and they won’t shut the hell up while I work. I predict when I sit down to finish off that book, they will be silent, bastards.
But, I have already found the love song for all three of them. There will probably be others that will represent the couplings. But this one…it pretty much sums up the relationship for the three of them. And, it was filmed in Miami of all places–where the three of them live. A huge chunk of the book will be the week they spend in Hawaii together, but they do call Miami home.
Kenny Chesney is always in the running for singing songs on my writing soundtracks, especially that last few years. It is rather interesting that in this story, Maura has dyed her hair blonde, but she is originally a brunette, and looks a little like the woman in the video.


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