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Talk About It Tuesday: The Military Harmless Books

I have had a few reviews and emails about the books that my Harmless series and the military spinoff. I wanted to explain a litte about why they are different.
Early in 2011 I had an idea. Now with my schedule then–I was writing secretly as Kiera and moving from VA to AL–I knew I couldn’t do a bunch of full length book. I didn’t really want to. See, my Harmless books already had that audience and I wanted to make sure they were a little different. There is no suspense and these books are more focused on the romance. They have BDSM elements in them, but they are not a complete exploration of the Dom/sub relationship.
A lot of people might wonder why. The short answer is that I wanted to, lol. One of the great things about self-publishing is that I can do those things. But, while I love writing Harmless books, the longer book, the added suspense and the bigger plot thread of the Dom/sub relationship development. Sometimes though, I just want to concentrate on the romance.
The other thing was I have had people ask me for years to write military romance. I have written them before in Operation Love but I hadn’t written an entire series. Being a military wife, it is hard to find it romantic. Seriously. But we are coming to the end of our active time in the military so I decided to do it. I already had a military man in the books, Malachai Dupree, so I just spun it off with the Duprees. I have enjoyed it and plan on writing more. I have books planned through 2013 so there is a lot more to come.


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2 Comments on “Talk About It Tuesday: The Military Harmless Books

  1. Love it!!! The Harmless Military series is great! And I love that they are focused on the romance! They are a welcomed addition to the Harmless books! Love them!!!

  2. Thank you for all the books you write as I read them all anyway…*S* You write what you want and you can bet I’ll be buying them anyway as I love the broad spectrum that you write. I love the romance as well as the military ones, and course you now have a fan of Kiera as well…even though I felt like an idiot at the time…lol
    But I do have a couple of your not ALH stories along with the rest of the Kiera series as well that I want to read, and hopefully I will get them (I have a list…*G*) and actually read them along our move back to Washington in just a few days.
    I bet your looking forward to your DH retirement..and happy for your anticipation! Thank you for all that write!


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