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The Harmless Shorts

Hello, All! Well, the time has come to address the Harmless Shorts. If you want them directly on your device via B and N or Kindle, I would suggest getting them now. I am going to start pulling them down soon and offer them only on my website. They will first premier in the Harmless Addict group, then they will go up on the Website. That will start in August when my new website is done.
I have a couple of reasons for doing this. The main one is that no one except for ARe will let me list it for free to begin with. I never wanted to make a profit off this books so I don’t really want to charge. Secondly, since the books went for free on Amazon, people are downloading them, then complaining to me that they are not full stories. Yes, the explanation in the blurb says that, but people are giving me bad ratings for it, one calling my writing poor because it was just one little scene.
When I came up with the idea for Harmless shorts, it was for Addicts really. People who loved the characters and wanted another little glimpse into their lives. I have had readers accuse me of trying to make a profit off them because at first I had to charge .99, and now people are commenting that they don’t understand the situation because it picks up in the middle of a story. So, I am done. If you want them from now on, you will either have to be an ADDICT or come to my website.  I will have to come up with a temporary place for it for everyone before the new site goes live.

There will be a way to download the story and they will be up on the site just to read. Another change will be the name. From now on, they will be Harmless Love: with the characters’ names. So, the next one will be Harmless Love: Kai and Jocelyn and I hope to have it out in July along with another one out in August for Rome and Maria.


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  1. Why do people complain about something when they did not take the time to read to see what it was about to begin with? That is why I don’t pay much if any attention to the reviews, unless it is written by a blogger that I follow.

  2. Comments like that just show that these people are just downloading any free book and not even paying attention to what they are clicking on. I love the series and am very excited to be able to read these shorts and am glad that they are still continuing. Thank you for writing and sharing them.

  3. Melisa, I love the shorts. I always wonder after reading a story what is going on now in their life. Can’t believe people give bad ratings for shorts. I absolutely love them.

  4. Melissa,
    Just illustrates the fact that you can’t fix stupid! Some of us are smart enough to be crazy about your writing. I’m one of them, so I want to say “Thanks!”.

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