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Last Sale Day, Updates, and what not

I have been working hard on Surrender and on Kiera’s next book. Both will be finished by the end of the month, and turned in for edits NLT June 2, woo hoo. Surrender will be out in late June. After that, I get to spend time with vamps in BY BLOOD: DESIRE and THEN, A Little Harmless Fantasy.  I am really excited by all these projects but I am really intrigued by the dynamics
But, one thing I am super excited about is a new series I am working on. I am just getting down to details on it, but for the first time ever, I am writing a GIRLY GIRL. I have had some feminine heroines before but this one, OY. She wears three inch heels to work at her bakery lol. I hope to have a cover soon to reveal. The shoot is this weekend!

Possession is up for .99 through midnight tonight, then it will go up to 2.99. Price wise, because I only earn 35-40% on anything under 2.99, financially, it isn’t feasible for me to have a 30K book for .99. If I had tripled or even doubled sales because of the lower price, I would have kept it, but since they are good, but not any higher than my Harmless books, I will have to put it back up to 2.99.

I am happy to report that Possession did make the top 100 at B and N! Very excited about that. Make sure to pick it and Infatuation up before their prices go up at the end of the day.

AMAZON   B & N   ARe


AMAZON   B& N    ARe

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