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All Kinds of Harmless News

YAY, A Little Harmless Fascination is not only selling well, it is also getting a lot of great reviews. On top of that, it has broken the top 100 on Barnes and Noble. I haven’t done that with one of my self-pub books, so I am uber excited about that. Here are what some reviewers are saying about it:

The great Hawaii setting, the wonderful cast of current and past characters whose lives all seem to overlap, the snappy dialog, and the hotter than hot sex scenes mixed with some BDSM elements makes this a must read offering from Melissa Schroeder. –Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

I loved everything about it-Rho Knows Romance

A Little Harmless Fascination is just as hot and sexy as the other books in the series! -Ladybug Storytime

“A Little Harmless Fascination” is one of my favorite of the Harmless series. It has some incredibly hot moments as well as some wonderfully tender ones. It is a great romantic read. Jennifer, Romantic Novel News

Other news…

AMAZON  B and N  Book Depository  BAM

I am nearing the end of my KDP and I can say that I probably won’t do it again for another Harmless books. I had to pull it off all the other sites and give it to Kindle exclusively. I think I gained some new readers out of it, but not worth it to leave all my non kindle readers out of the loop. 
I cannot put it up for free for a limited period of time at B and N. I can finagle my way into getting a shorty up there for free, but that will stay there for free forever and I cannot do that will a full book. So, to show my appreciation for my readers, I am going to put ALH Submission on sale for .99 the weekend after it goes off of KDP. That will be May 18,19, and 20 and then it will go back up to the new price of 2.99! That will be with every retailer. 
If you are a kindle reader and have not used your free borrow book, you have just a few more days to get it for free. 
For those of you who are into print, it is everywhere now. The links are up above for those of you who shop different places. 


Now you can buy the first A Little Harmless Military Romance in print! It also include an entire chapter of By Blood: Desire at the end! 
Right now, it is only available at Amazon. To distribute it out further, I would have to raise the price to 7.25. That is kind of high for a short novel. But, it also means that I can’t have it in book depository. if there are a lot of people interested, let me know. If I get enough emails, then I will consider it. 


I am going to be finishing this completely up tomorrow, come hell or  high water. Then, I will be editing it this week. I hope to have it out by mid to late May. Again, this will go on sale at .99. If I can still make a profit, I will be keeping all my books under 40K this price. 

That’s it for now. I am exhausted from our move, but I hope to have the house completely in order by next week. Or the one after that. Maybe. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!


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