Guest Author & Giveaway: Darcy Abriel - Melissa Schroeder

Guest Author & Giveaway: Darcy Abriel

Haevyn and the Dreaded Factorium

Thanks, Melissa, for having me here to talk about my Humanotica series which is published with Samhain Publishing.

First, a couple of definitions might help.  Humanotic: A blend of human form with machine operation and technology. Humanotica: Darcy’s scifantasy stories dealing with humanotic characters and the tone of the stories threaded with a very sensual/erotic/erotica tone. You can find out more about the terminology of this world at

Today, I’d like to talk a bit about the Factorium, an institution located just outside the borders of Quentopolis, where humanotic research is conducted using Quentopian citizens plucked at will from the streets of the city-state to use in their devious undertakings. It is also the place where those humans who willingly seek alteration go for cosmetic and humanotic enhancement surgery. It is a prison, it is an asylum, it is an experimental research facility.

If the Elite Logical Life Core, (the E.L.L.C) is the brain of Quentopolis, the Factorium represents the refuse facility of this world. Just a whisper of the Factorium is enough to elicit  night terrors, it epitomizes the bogeyman–and this is how the citizens of Quentopolis interpret the institution of the Factorium.

The Factorium, financed by the Politico government of Quentopolis, is fashioned after such historical places as Bridewell Prison and Hospital and Broadmoor, and serves a number of wicked and nefarious purposes.  No one in Quentopolis sees the Factorium as a place of positive possibility and advancement. It is the monster, or maybe more truly it represents a Dr. Frankenstein, who created the monster. Within its yawning walls are encased the convicts, the mentally disturbed, the experimental subjects–willing and not so willing.

Subsequent to Haevyn’s story, there were no laws protecting the innocent citizens from indiscriminate use by the Factorium. But these new laws do not stop those engaged in political machinations from using the institution and manipulating the system in pursuit of their own terrible schemes.

This is the nightmare for every citizen, for every child–a parent could just disappear–perhaps months or years later reappear on the streets, a castoff, victims horribly transformed, never to enjoy a normal life again. Their children forced to the work houses in order to survive the abandonment. These mutilated citizens scraping to survive in any way they can.

This is Haevyn, the heroine’s, worst nightmare–incarceration at the Factorium and forced to humanotic alteration. Haevyn’s story is far different from the the hero/ine’s story in the first book of the series, Silver.

In Haevyn there is another law–dangerous to those with a fetish to become extremely humanotic, like people such as Haevyn’s younger brother, Bhrett. Citizens could lose their freedom. They could become chattel. In Silver, the first book in the Humanotica series, the threshold was 49%. In Haevyn the laws have changed–now the threshold has been raised to 69%.  Laws have been set down to further protect citizens from unwilling participation in the experiments conducted at the institution. But even these laws are not enough.

In Haevyn, the heroine will face her worst nightmare. But will she emerge stronger, or will she end up being destroyed by a government that has little compassion for its citizens?

This is the world of Humanotica. Find out more about “Haevyn,” the second book in the Humanotica series, available in March from Samhain Publishing.

Thanks for letting me share a little about this series.

I will be giving away one ecopy of Silver, the first book in the Humanotica series. Just leave a comment or question.

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Blurb for Haevyn:

Humanotica, Book 2

Duty and honor demand the ultimate sacrifice.

Everyone has their poison. For Haevyn Breina, it’s her inability to resist a dare. This time it’s a challenge from her friend and lover, Grisha, to sneak into the popular, illegal cage fights that always end in all-male orgies. Eagerly she snaps up the gauntlet, unaware that she will end the night forever changed.

When expatriate humanotic warrior Entreus locks eyes with Haevyn at the sex-fueled event, he is instantly captivated. Despite a duty that binds him to an exiled malevolent sorcerer, he seeks her out in a shattering, illuminating encounter.

Grisha’s plan is in motion—to bring both his warrior lovers together and heal their scarred souls with a combined passion that he alone cannot provide. But Haevyn’s tormented past refuses to die. And Entreus will not rest until the Core (the ELLC) that ruined his life is destroyed.

Amid ever-tangling emotions and a brutal plot to take over the city, the three lovers walk a tightrope that could be cut at any moment. Fighting for justice, bound by duty–and a love that could alter the foundations of their world.

Darcy Abriel Bio:

Darcy Abriel delights in the stories that flirt with the dark side of emotion and passion. Going back to the days of Saturday Night Chiller Theaters, series such as Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits, toss in a dash of Alfred Hitchcock and these are the stories that have always fascinated Darcy. That edgy sense of danger that leaves one tingling. Be it a roller coaster ride, a Dracula movie, or a good erotic horror read at the darkest slice of night. Visit the dark side with mystery and passion, eroticism and tingling fantasy. Explore what makes your heart pump faster, your blood run hotter, and the adrenaline surge.  Darcy always looks forward to hearing from her readers and she may be contacted at  Don’t forget to sign up for her newsletter, Torrid Tidbits, at


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11 Comments on “Guest Author & Giveaway: Darcy Abriel

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Sharon. Rather complex with lots of layers to the relationships. I always love learning about the characters and I adore world building. 🙂

  2. The Factorium is not a nice place. But Haevyn is a strong woman. Don’t we all have our boogeyman of some sort. It’s a question of not letting them take us over.

    I was also thinking about the movie, Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio, when I was writing this. Some interesting complexities there, too. I do like delving into the psyche. Thanks for stopping by, Willa.

  3. Ooh, I definitely need to catch up with this series–I love the world building you’ve shared, and it sounds like a universe to get lost in! BTW, do you have a number of books in mind for the series, or are you writing as the muse leads? Are the stories connected with an overarching story arc, or just set in the same “world”?

    Happy release day, Darcy!

  4. The stories all take place in the same world. Although to some extent they are connected; some of the same characters are involved, they are not exactly a continuation of storyline. The world is such that changes do take place as laws change and the nature and government of the city evolves. There is a power struggle going on at the moment. I am currently writing the next story, and characters from the second story will appear in the third story. There is recurrence of some characters, not necessarily others, the storylines change. I hope that helps to answer your questions, fichen. And yes, I have a number of stories in mind.

  5. I’ve picked a winner who will received a d/l copy of Silver.

    Willa Edwards. Willa, if you’ll email me at darcyabriel (@) gmail (.) com and let me know what format you would like and your email address, I’ll get that off to you.

    Thank you, Melissa, for letting me spend some time today at your place talking about my Humanotica series. It was fun. Have a great evening everyone!

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