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Hey, folks. I am trying my best to get my Harmless shorts posted at as many places for free. I have tried this before, but I have had little success. But, for readers, I want to try once more. Both Harmless shorts are free right now on ARe. Here is what I need from you. Please go to Amazon, you will have to be signed in although you do NOT have to buy it or have a kindle, and scroll down to the product details. The last part looks like this:

Would you like to give feedback on images or tell us about a lower price?

I need you to click on the lower price and give them the info. I am going to list it here, first link to the amazon page, second for the ARe link. A little box should come up and ask if it is an online or offline price, and you click online, then copy the ARe link and put 0.00 in the box:) I have heard it takes about a week, but if we can get a lot of people doing it, it might happen faster and I would be more willing to give it shorts for free on kindle. I still have NO idea what to do on B and N. So, here is the thing for  each book. Please share with friends and get these free for everyone:

A Little Harmless Surprise

A Little Harmless Gift



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