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Authors After Dark Schedule Goes Live

Hey, everyone! Well, the schedule just went live and I am super excited. The authors have known for a few days how everything was set up, but I was a good girl. I want to give you some info on the stuff I am handling.

 I will probably be there before everyone else. I am planning on being there by Monday night. So know that you CANNOT ESCAPE MEETING ME.

So, here is the info I was telling you about.
I am scheduled for the following panels right now:
Men in Uniform
Erotic Romance
Your Keeper Shelf
Those are all subject to change:)

I will also be hosting the Saints and Sinners Open Bar with Kris Cook again and I will be one of the authors reading at the Historical reading.

If you are a Harmless Addict and have said you are coming to the party, it will not be on the schedule. That is a private party and only you Addicts know where and when that is.

Now, my solo event–my first EVER solo at AAD–is my Cursed N Blood Affair. There will be hurricanes to drink and some king cake with surprises. I will also have some great giveaways, including a registration fee for AAD Savannah 2013!!!! So, make sure you at least stop by to enter the contest.  Ya don’t have to stay to win;)

I am off to write some more. A Little Harmless Fascination rough draft is almost done. woo hoo. And then I am Kiera for a few days as I write the next Passion book.


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