Veteran's Day Fundraiser: Fisher House - Melissa Schroeder

Veteran’s Day Fundraiser: Fisher House

Veteran’s Day is an important day to me. I was raised in the military. My father spent 23 years in the Air Force, and my husband is closing in on his 18th year next week, and both my grandfathers served during WWII. Veterans Day is important to me because it honors those who serve. After all the Rah Rah in the build up to a war and the welcome home parades, our veterans deal with the scars, physical and emotional. The last few years have been hard on the military. While there are not as many deaths as in previous wars, there are a lot more of our men and women coming home who have long hospital stays. One charity that helps while veterans, active duty and their families get care.  Fisher House is an amazing organization started by Zachary Fisher.

Here is a tidbit from the website:

There is at least one Fisher House at every major military medical center to assist families in need and to ensure that they are provided with the comforts of home in a supportive environment. Annually, the Fisher House program serves more than 12,000 families, and have made available over three million days of lodging to family members since the program originated in 1990. By law, there is no charge for any family to stay at a Fisher House operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs; and Fisher House Foundation uses donations to reimburse the individual Fisher Houses operated by the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

No family EVER pays to stay. And here is one of the great things about them. 2% of the money go to administration and 2% goes to fundraising. That’s right. 96% goes to the charity. That is a pretty amazing number.

So, all you have to do is comment. That is all I am asking. You can just say, hey there, for all I care. PLEASE do not make any political statements. I will remove them. This is about helping military families not a political agenda. Also, each person gets counted only once, so saying hey there in fifteen comments will only count as one.

The fundraiser will run until Monday morning at 8 am central time or until I hit the 250 dollar mark!

And, if you have a few extra bucks, please think about giving to this organization.

JUST A NOTE: I am not affiliated with Fisher House and this is going to be a personal donation. I just wanted to highlight all the great work this house does. They are not condoning me, my work, or even this fundraiser. 


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64 Comments on “Veteran’s Day Fundraiser: Fisher House

  1. Thanks to all the veterans, the current men & women who serve our country and their families and to those who are no longer with us. This fundraiser is for a great cause.

  2. What a lovely tribute, Melissa. Fisher House sounds pretty amazing – what an invaluable service for military families.

    Thank you to all who have served.

  3. I heard about Fisher House on the radio recently. Such a great help to our military members and their families. I’d like to thank all military personnel, active and veterans for their service.

  4. What a great cause! As the wife of a former Marine I know the sacrifices military men and women make. Thanks for highlighting such a great organization 🙂

  5. You go girl and hug your man extra tight today and your dad, too. And also your grandfathers. I had two great uncles that were POW’s in Italy. They have since passed on but I’ll never forget hearing them speak Italian sometimes and wondered why? It was explained to me when I was much older and could understand.

    I work with a Vietnam vet who went through two tours and I’ve already hugged him today.

    God speed and ****big hug*** to you and your family.

  6. With both grandfathers, five uncles, a half dozen and counting cousins and my own father either on active duty or retired, this is a day and cause near and dear to me and my family.

    Thank you for doing this, Melissa!

  7. We’re a military family – DH is retired after 21 yrs in the USAF – and from everything I’ve heard, Fisher House is a great cause. Thanks so much for supporting it, Melissa!

  8. My husband served 23 years in the Navy ~ my son is active duty with 22 years in the Air Force ~ and my son-in-law is active duty with almost 20 years in the Army. We have all given our lives in service to this wonderful country and having a place like Fisher House available is fantastic. Thanks Melissa for making us all aware of “Fisher House”.

  9. Thank you to all the veternans that give us the right to be naughty. In all seriousness, many in other countries don’t have the same writes to say what we want, to read what we want and to love whomever we want. And we have all veternans to thank for that.

  10. Mahalo, Melissa, for promoting the Fisher House. We have one here next to Tripler Army Medical Center, which serves Hawaii and the entire Pacific Rim.

    In honor of your generous donation, I offer you an Hawaiian proverb:

    I ulu no ka lala i ke kumu.

    The reach of a tree’s branches depends on its trunk.

    A family’s unconditional love strengthens each one to succeed.

  11. The Fisher House sounds a lot like the Ronald McDonald houses, where the parents can stay when their children are in the hospital far away form their home.
    It’s very important to have your loved ones with you when you’re sick or injured.

  12. YEAH!!!! ?Melissa, you could not have chosen a better organization to do a fund raiser for. We volunteer every year for Team Fisher House at the Marine Corp Marathon. They do GREAT work. Thanks for thinking of them and are Military personnel


  13. My Stepsister stayed in a Fisher House for many months when her husband was in the military and became gravely ill. Thanks for doing this Melissa. What a great thing!

  14. WOW… 96% is a fabulous commitment when so many charities have huge overhead costs. GOOD FOR THE FISHER HOUSE! And thanks for giving us the heads up. 🙂 God bless the Vets!

  15. Thanks, Mel, this is a great orgination I’ve supported for a while. It’s one you can depend on doing exactly what they say.

    Thank You to All our Vets and to all their families!!

  16. It is beautiful to see a cause like this one where they are truly making a difference! Thank you so much for sharing this with others. I hope the word spreads like wildfire because more people need to know about this amazing cause.

  17. I was not aware of Fisher House, but so glad to be able to help via your donation. I contributed, earlier this evening, to Rise and Honor.

    Thanks to all the men and women of the military, past and present, for your service.

  18. Wonderful cause to support those that give so much of themselves for all of us. Thank you for your donation/post and thanks to all the veterans.

  19. We had one built 2 years ago at VA Puget Sound Healthcare System (Seattle VA Hospital) and it is just beautiful. The construction removed many parking spaces in the lot where I park at work (I’m a med tech in the lab there) but it was well worth the loss. Fisher House is a godsend for the families whose loved ones are being cared for there, and every single family appreciates it so much. Thank you for this donation, it really means a lot to me, and thanks to all your family members for their selfless service to our country. America is #1 BECAUSE of our veterans!!!

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