You can call me Kiera - Melissa Schroeder

You can call me Kiera

I have been holding onto a secret for months. I have been writing under the name of Kiera West.
I have never been a huge fan of pen names but I wanted to try writing about a bunch of wolves. Siren was starting their new LoveXtreme titles and I thought it would be interesting to explore shifters through that series. But, I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I did not want to do it and risk the name I had built. I am not known as a paranormal writer. I have done some dabbling, but I never really delved into writing big paranormal.  Contemporary with a splash of historical in there is really what I am known for, and for seven years, I have worked damned hard at it. Seriously, what if I wrote them and people HATED THEM. I wanted to be careful. So, I contacted the owner of Siren and we talked about it and Kiera West was born.
I have enjoyed writing about wolves, have enjoyed the Dillon cousins.  It is a new experience to not only write about six men and one woman, but it was completely different to write them in the shifter world. I want to thank Siren for taking a chance on me and  helping me create another persona. I am in the middle of finishing up the sixth book to turn in for the series and will finish up the next two before the end of October. Then, I have bears and snow leopards to write about. And a new town in Montana I have created, with cowboys and villans, and a whole lot of loving.
But, first, I want to share my Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska with you. These books need to be read in order as the continuing story of suspense is threaded through the entire series. And yes, there is a cliffhanger for each book.

Seducing Their Mate
Scientist Eve MacMillian is spending a year studying wolves. Insulated by their location, Eve lets her inhibitions dissolve. The Dillons know she is their mate and plan on claiming her. But, once they have her truly and thoroughly seduced, a dangerous enemy exposes their true nature and leaves one of the cousins fighting for his life.

The Alpha’s Fall

Scientist Eve MacMillan might have bitten off more than she can chew. She has taken on six lovers, all of whom happen to be werewolves. Worse, there is now someone out to get them. Ethan is still recovering from his attack when his brother, Noah, the alpha, makes it clear that he wants Eve. But, she feels him pulling away from her outside of it.
Noah knows he’s made some mistakes. He hasn’t been paying attention to security like he should. His preoccupation with their mate has left them exposed and his brother fighting for his life. It hurts to ignore Eve, but he has to do it for the good of the pack.
Eve knows exactly why he’s pulled away, but now that she realizes her feelings for Noah go beyond lust, this is one woman who is going to teach the leader of the pack a thing or two about love.

Convincing Ethan
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Ethan has been in love with Eve since he met her. He knows that she is their mate. Still, he feels drawn to her mind as much as her sexy, curvy body. Since she is the one who nursed him back to health after his attack, he thinks that her feelings spring from saving his life. But, for him, that is enough.

As Eve works side by side with Ethan, she finds a kindred spirit. He respects her mind and understands the way she thinks. It doesn’t hurt that he seems to know what she needs even before she does. She knows he thinks she doesn’t love him, and Eve decides to pull out all the stops to prove to the stubborn wolf she truly loves him.
But, someone is still bent on attacking the pack, and as the violence escalates, Eve and the Dillons find they have no one to trust but each other.

Shane’s Need

Coming Sept 19th!

Shane has always been the joker of the Dillon clan, but he does it to hide the scars from his childhood. He has never shared what the years away from the pack with his mentally unstable mother were like. As he starts to fall in love with Eve, he finds himself unable to ignore the nightmares that haunt his nights.

Eve has always sensed there is more to Shane than he shows the world. As she tries to find out what lies beneath the surface, she sees the dimensions of his personality and attempts to help him deal with the  wounds that resurface. But, an argument leaves them at odds, and Eve in the path of danger.

Rand’s Craving

Eve hasn’t spent much time with Rand outside of the bedroom. And definitely not alone. But, with the violence against the wolf population growing, they investigate the issues together. With each day out, they grow closer, but she knows Rand is holding something back.

Rand has wanted Eve since the first moment he scented her. He has held back some of his most of his true sexual nature because he worries she might freak out. Spending more time with her is making it hard to ignore his baser needs. And he has to keep his head screwed on straight. He has to protect her not only from himself, but from the violent villain who now seems focused on destroying her.


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  1. oh my goodness…I loved them Hot Sexy Wolves…always trying to be patient for the next one….you are great no matter what name you are using…cna not wait for the Sept 19 4 books have to be purchased 3 from monday my poor book budget have to work overtime or on the corner….which ever comes first

    sneaky lil devil loving it!!!

  2. LOL, Mel!! Squee! Thanks for letting us in on the secret! Can’t wait to catch up with your wolves, but I’m going to hold off until you’ve got more out–I can’t stand cliffhangers! It’s TOO hard to wait!

  3. I love it. I’m glad that you are taking on the risk. Six guys and one girl but you are giving them each a book. I’ve never heard of that in the menage world. After three I’m bored but I doubt that with your take on the genre(s).

    Congratulations Kiera!

  4. lol its funny all this time i have been fb friends with you and your alter ego. I love the wolves and cant wait for the rest. lmao now i can say that i truly love ALL of your books.

  5. I can’t wait to read them, but I have to agree with flchen1, I think I’ll wait until all of them are released.

  6. I really enjoyed the first book. I’ve picked up the next two, but haven’t read them yet and I do plan on getting the rest of them. What a great surprise to find out that Kiera is actually one of my favorite authors.

    The name Kiera reaches out to me as it is the same as my deceased oldest daughter’s. We lost her 9 years ago when she was five and I don’t often see the name spelled the same way. The author’s name was the reason why I took the time to read the story blurb on Bookstrand and from that point on I was hooked!

  7. Well shoot now I have a bunch more books to buy and read. They look awesome I can’t wait to get paid I want to buy them.

  8. Love the books series as the wolves have been a passion throughout my life, and you have written the most awesome series that I have come across about wolves in Alaska. I adore all the characters, and they have found a special place in my heart.
    I so embarrassed, and now feel rather awful about the situation from ALH celebration & release party. You have a true fan of series..and I can’t wait to read all the rest of them.
    ***I am so embarrassed***


  9. Thank you everyone! Lisa, so sorry that you lost your daughter, but it is nice that we connected thru the name. It took me awhile to come up with the name. I came up with Kiera and Kris Cook came up with West I believe.

  10. LOL Darcy, apparently I fooled everyone, even some of my closest friends! It was really hard not to share with you with you living in Alaska! I had to bite my tongue, or I guess, my fingers, to keep from telling you lol

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