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Check me out!

Okay, it has been a crazy week, but I am actually in my office. I still have boxes of books, but I have my desk set up and I found my printer.
So, while I have been busy unpacking, I have also been appearing all over the web:

The Smutketeers – Meet Kai in a character interview exclusive with the Smutketeers.

Also, watch my blog. I am getting the whole schedule up for next week’s Addicted to Harmless contest. Full details on prizes will be listed and it all starts here on the blog at 9 am eastern time Monday.
Oh, and A Little Harmless Addiction is getting some great reviews. Here is the latest, a RECOMMENDED READ from Joyfully Reviewed.

It’s got heart, passion, family and much more!  A Little Harmless Addiction is a lively sultry story that will leave you wanting more!
Make  sure you go to Joyfully Reviewed and see the rest of the review.

And last, but not least, the details on Melissa Schroeder’s Little Harmless Luau at Rom Con are emerging! There is going to be snacks and a cash bar. Oh, and there will be things you get there that you will not be able to get at the rest of the convention. I am getting a back full of stuff made up. Anyway, if you are going to the convention, it is included in the price! It will be on Friday from 5:30-6:30, right before the Western Dinner! Oh, and there will be more prizes to come. I’m making plans on what the grand prize will be.

That is about it for now!


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  1. lol, yeah, I couldn’t say for sure until it was all paid, but I was waiting for the bill. Kind of hard to pay the bill without the bill, lololol.
    Now, I can shop, shop, shop!

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