Release Day Party: Kiera West - Melissa Schroeder

Release Day Party: Kiera West

Next is author Kiera West! She is offering up 10 dollars in strandbucks:)

Want a chance: Kiera’s Wolves of Passion, Alaska live in the middle of nowhere. If you could do this, with a bunch of hunky shape-shifters, where would it be? Do you want to be all by yourself with them, or would you rather be closer to big city?
Meet Kiera

The Alpha’s Mate

Scientist Eve MacMillan might have bitten off more than she can chew. She has taken on six lovers, all of whom happen to be werewolves. Worse, there is now someone out to get them. Ethan is still recovering from his attack when his brother, Noah, the alpha, makes it clear that he wants Eve. But, she feels him pulling away from her outside of it.
Noah knows he’s made some mistakes. He hasn’t been paying attention to security like he should. His preoccupation with their mate has left them exposed and his brother fighting for his life. It hurts to ignore Eve, but he has to do it for the good of the pack.
Eve knows exactly why he’s pulled away, but now that she realizes her feelings for Noah go beyond lust, is is one woman who is going to teach the leader of the pack a thing or two about love.

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19 Comments on “Release Day Party: Kiera West

  1. Wilderness all the way. I hate the city, and I live smack dab in the middle of the city right now. I can’t wait until I move back out into the country. I love Kiera’s series, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next one.

  2. i want out in the country. somewhere away from loads of people. i live in city now but can go out to the creek in bout 15 mins and i love being out there. and if i had kieras guys i wouldnt have time to go into the city.

  3. In the country, they are cowboy werewolves. It’s cold there so I can snuggle and they can keep me warm. 🙂

  4. I would say in the country but still close enough to a city, so you could still spend a night on the town whenever the mood struck.

  5. With a pack like that, it sounds like living away from the bright lights would be a good thing! I’m not a huge fan of crowds anyway, so it’d be good to get away!

  6. I think i’d rather be in the wilderness/country side somewhere. Far enough for privacy and nice views but close enough to get to the city now and then.

    Lisa B

  7. I would definitely want them all to myself.Live out in the country on a huge plot of land. No one around so we can do whatever we wanted whenever 😉

  8. I would love anywhere that would keep us snowed in so I have ALL (to myself) those hard baodies to keep me warm

    waiting for the next one!!

  9. Oh Dear – my own pack… *sigh*
    I’m greedy, I’d want them all to myself, but close enough that I could still shop (hey, I am a girl) 🙂

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