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Catching up

Hey, everyone. It has been a long two weeks. Not only have the kids been home five of the last 10 weekdays, one being for MLK Holiday and the others because of weather, but I have been sick. Still. I think I am going to give in and go to the ER today because I can’t get an appointment. With the weather so bad yesterday, the clinic is apparently really backed up . So much fun.
I am not sure if I announced it here yet, but we are moving to Alabama in May. It isn’t my first choice, no offense, but Les gets to teach at the International Officers School at the base and it keeps him from being deployed. It is our LAST ASSIGNMENT. Yeah, I like saying that. They are messing with us even now trying to get Les down there early. I had wanted to do that, and he had pushed it back. Now, it puts us in a pickle because oldest has her AP test for college credit to take. Yeah, this is probably not going to end well for hubby. I feel a spa weekend coming on. Alone. Maybe a spa week.
I am under the gun to finish up a few books and sick so it is taking me a long time to get through it. I apologize for not being around, but something had to give. It was that, or I tied up the kids. Child Protective Services frowns upon that.

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