Still buried...but I got a sexy Santa - Melissa Schroeder

Still buried…but I got a sexy Santa

Hey, folks. I am sorry I have been gone. I had planned on blogging from Disney but I could not get online with the netbook.  It was a pain in the rear. Plus, I could not seem to post from my phone, well, because, I am technically challanged.
Anyway, the moment we got back Demon Seed the First got sick, then Demon Seed the Second, then me. It has been one LONG week since we returned. And, I have been trying to write and answer email, but I am way behind in both. I should get caught up today. Hopefully.
So, the news is all over the place. I have a new cover and preorder links:) I will be posting it right after I finish this. And, be sure to drop by tomorrow because I will be announcing my BIG CONTEST the week of releases. There will be a chance to win every day that week at my blog:)
And, since you all are so wonderful, I thought I would treat you with a purty man.

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