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Upcoming things

To get myself on some kind of schedule, I am going to attempt another schedule. Now, this will not be something that I do EVERY week. I will try and do it most weeks, but you all know me. Anyway, here is what I am planning on doing:

Serenity Sundays-Guest or I will be talking about how to become more centered in life. I am not sure if many of you know what I wreck I was about a year ago. Through meditaion and reiki, I have regained my center. So, I plan on writing some articles about that. I am also going to invite people to write for the blog too. Let me know if you are interested.

What’s Cooking Wednesdays-I filmed my first recipe yesterday, it will be going up next week. I plan on trying to do 2-4 a month.  If I have not filmed something, I will probably post at least a recipe. If you would like to be featured w/ a recipe (and you are more than welcomed to use this as a promotional tool if you are a writer) please feel free to contact me.

Fantastic Fridays We all need a pickmeup every now and then and that will be on Fridays. Nekkid Man pics, previews of upcoming books.

Saturday Scribbles – This will be mainly about the publishing industry. It will be more geared toward writers, ie, character development,  promotion, career development. Warning, I tend to rant about things of this nature, so you might want to avoid me, lol. If you are an author, editor, publisher, blogger/reviewer, or bookseller, I would be open to letting you blog on Saturdays, as long as it pertains to something to do with the business side of publishing.

Well, that’s it. Who is taking bets on how long I will last????
I am actually going to sit down and write Saturday Scribbles for tomorrow, right now. I think. Maybe.


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2 Comments on “Upcoming things

  1. Great idea.

    Don’t stress about keeping this kind of a schedule…but I am sure there will be some interesting posts.

    in Germany

  2. Maybe I can grab your Saturday Scribbles and put it up on my writer blog.

    I like the schedule but don’t stress about it. I do know what a wreck you were last year this time.

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