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A Little Harmless Obsession Releases

And I forgot to post to my own blog, lol. Yeah, I know, sooo professional. I promise that next time I will be more on the ball. Well, I sorta promise, lol. You all know how bad I am.
But, I wanted to share an excerpt and some interviews I did around the web with my characters.

Bestseller on MBAM and MOBIPOCKET


It took all of her control to order herself to look down at what he was doing. His hand was light against her skin, his nimble fingers easily teasing her.
“Your breasts are so responsive. Look how pretty that nipple is.”
As she watched, he pulled his hand away, then moved to tease the other nipple. “I would love to put these in nipple clamps.” He pinched the nipple on the word clamps.
Clamps? She would have never thought the idea sexy at all, but now, her whole body responded to the comment. Another gush of liquid filled her pussy and wet the tops of her thighs. Just watching him tease her nipple had her heart racing and she could not look away. Every stroke shot straight to her cunt.
Before she was ready for him to stop, he pulled away.
“Now, I want you to keep watching.” When she closed her eyes to gather her senses, he gave her rear end a hard, quick slap. “Obey me now, or, as I promised you, punishment will be worse, much worse.”
He waited until she opened her eyes. “You will watch me…watch what I do to you.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Her immediate answer earned her a soft caress where he had slapped her.
He moved away and opened up a drawer. He pulled out what looked like a riding crop. “I bought this yesterday. I’ve been dying to use it on you since I touched it.”
Her eyes widened at that statement and he nodded.
“I just knew what I wanted to do to you when I had you here, and I bought even more toys for you. But I’ll not let you have them unless you learn your lesson.”
He dropped his gaze from hers and concentrated on her ass. He rubbed his hand over it, squeezing it much as he had the night at the club. He slipped his fingers between her cheeks and she instantly tensed.
“You’ve never done anal?”
“We’re going to try it.”
She frowned.
“Not tonight, but we will. I want you that way. I want to slip inside that tight ass and fuck you. I can’t believe with your pleasure with spanking that you haven’t thought about it.”
If her face got any hotter, it would go up in flames.
“Ah, you have thought about it. I figured you would have.”
Of course she had. Since she’d first read it in an erotic romance, the forbidden idea had become her fantasy. To be taken so completely, in every way possible, had been a secret dream of hers for the past couple of years.
“I’ll wait, though it will be hard. You need to be prepared for that.” He trailed his fingers over her bottom one last time. “Spread your legs.”
She did, but apparently it wasn’t enough to satisfy him. He slipped the riding crop between her legs, skimming it against one thigh, then he wiggled it. It brushed against her slit, pulling another moan from her. She moved her legs so far apart she had to balance herself on the dresser.
“Good girl.”
Without any other comment, he drew back his arm and swatted her bottom with the crop—hard. The sting of it against her flesh was familiar, but somehow different. He hit her rear again and again, never really hitting the same spot. As before, she loved it. The slight pain gave way to a delicious heat that crawled through her, over her skin. Heat flared out, moved through blood. The sharp sting of the crop had her gasping several times, but Evan paid no heed. He kept slapping her until she could feel her bottom had been covered. Her skin tingled, burned. With each spank, her clit throbbed. Watching him in the mirror was another aphrodisiac altogether. This was different than the night at the club. That had been about experiencing submission for the first time. Yes, Evan had been the Dom, but he hadn’t been her Dom. He had been playing a part. This time, he wasn’t. This time she would experience it completely with Evan.
He was breathing heavily when he finished, and he smoothed his hand over her rear.
The sound of awe in his voice, the look of admiration on his face, did more than arouse her. Shame dissolved as a feeling of rightness replaced it.
“God, just seeing it all red makes me want to come right now.” He leaned over and kissed her shoulder. “You like it, doncha, baby?”
She continued to watch him until he dipped his head and moved out of view. The moment his mouth moved over her burning flesh, she moaned. She couldn’t hold that back, couldn’t even begin to contemplate how to do it. The coolness of his tongue flicking over her hot skin caused her legs to quiver. She was dripping with arousal. He stopped before she was ready and he pulled away abruptly.
He caught her gaze in the mirror again, the harsh lines of his face telling her that she wasn’t the only one suffering. “Come with me.”
He led her to the bed and settled on top of the mattress as he pulled her between his legs.
Her nerves were overwrought. She rarely stood in front of a man naked, let alone with a light on and he being completely dressed. She stared hard at the seascape he had hung above his bed.
“Look at me.”
She hesitated for the barest second.
“Do it now.”
Her heart hammered at the way he shot out the command. She obeyed and watched him as he leaned forward to take a nipple in his mouth. He watched her, never breaking eye contact as his tongue slipped over one tip then the other before he wrapped his lips around one. He sucked hard, the motion shooting an arrow of heat straight to her pussy. He lifted a hand to her other breast, pinching, teasing the nipple again. She started to close her eyes and he stopped. She looked down at him.
“I didn’t say to close your eyes. You watch what I do to you.”
She couldn’t look away now if she wanted to. His eyes had turned darker, desire easy to see. The idea that she caused that mesmerized her.
His lips quirked as he leaned toward her breasts again, first blowing on the nipple then taking it into his mouth. She wanted to raise her hands, slip them through his silken strands, feel them slide through her fingers, but she resisted it. Evan had not allowed it. Heat flared in his eyes as he hungrily took her nipple into his mouth. He continued to watch her and she felt herself melting.
By the time he drew back, her heart hammered against her breast so hard she was sure he could hear it. The smug smile on his face made her suspect he did.
“You have the makings of a good little sub.”


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  2. Yes. Samhain actually sends their books out all at the same time, but it is takes B and N longer. I own a Nook and I buy epub from Samhain on their mybookstoreandmore.com site. Those work fine:) But I expect that ALHO will be up in the next 24-48 hours.

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