Summer of Love: Turning Paige - Melissa Schroeder

Summer of Love: Turning Paige

Well, I took a break yesterday. Not much of one. I spent the day on some paperwork for the print release of A Little Harmless Obsession and the upcoming digital release. Plus, I finished off the trailer:)

Turning Paige

Librarian Paige’s life has gone to hell. Her loss of sleep thanks to some pretty erotic dreams isn’t helping any. After a particularly bad day, she overloads on a batch of Irish truffles. As she falls asleep, her last wish is that her passionate dream lover were real. When she wakes in the morning, she finds him naked in her bed. Seamus doesn’t know why he started dreaming of this woman, but instinct has him seducing her before he even knows her name. The temptress fills his every need…but she refuses to accept him as her soul mate. Paige cannot believe the passion Seamus stirs within her. Falling in love isn’t something she planned for, but Paige doesn’t think she can let him go. Soon, his appearance disrupts her life and her career. Will Paige be able to accept the changes he has wrought, or will her fear of change bring disaster for both of them?

Review Snippets:

Have to enjoy a good time travel story, it has a touch of humor to it when Seamus is trying to figure everything out in the twenty-first century. He may be a warrior but he also shows his emotions. Well worth the read. Annette Stone, PNR

I love everything that Ms. Schroeder writes and I see that once again she has not disappointed me. This story is amusing and entertaining with just the right amount of sexual heat to keep a reader very interested. Keep on writing these wonderful stories that I so enjoy. Make sure to put this book in your to-be-purchased list. Candy Cay, Coffee Time Romance

This is an amusing romp of a story, containing all the right elements – a lovely heroine, a handsome hero, a couple of villains out for their own nefarious ends, and a happy ending. And of course, I’m always in favor of the librarian getting the handsome guy! … This story is perfect for relaxing with when you have an hour or two to spare. Jean, Fallen Angel Reviews


Paige came awake slowly. Her muscles were sore, but a good kind of sore, she thought. She didn’t know why, but there was a particularly sated feeling to her body. As if she’d reached some kind of goal. As she shifted her weight, she came against something very hard…very hot. She frowned and opened her eyes.

An expanse of golden skin was the first thing she saw. Convinced she was still dreaming, Paige rubbed her eyes and blinked. Her vision cleared. No, that was certainly skin. Drawing in a deep breath, she raised her head.

Holy Mother of God! There was a man in her bed. A man she definitely didn’t know. That was not a common occurrence for Paige, to say the least. Especially one so huge.

Slowly, she eased away and sat up. She swallowed the urge to scream. It clogged her throat as fear wound through her system. Her heart beat against her chest. The only thing keeping her from screaming was the fact that he was so huge. Lord knew what he would do if she woke him up that way.

What the hell had she done last night? Closing her eyes, she tried to remember but failed. She opened her eyes and studied her guest.
His hair entranced her. Darker than a moonless night, it reached halfway down his back and spilled across her pink sheets. Several small braids were entwined within the silken strands. His back was to her so she leaned over just a bit to see what his face looked like. She released a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding.

His face was a study in strength and angles. High cheekbones, a strong jaw and a nose that looked as if it had been broken once or twice. His eyes were still closed but she assumed they were darker in color, gray or possibly brown. Impossibly long lashes matched the color of his hair.

He was, in a word, beautiful. And alarming. Just how the hell did he end up in her bed? Paige was positive she’d remember bringing a man to bed, especially one who looked like him. Considering she was lying here naked as the day she was born, it was a fair assumption that she had at least talked to him. She had to know him. He was in her bed and…she lifted the sheet and saw one firm butt cheek…as naked as she was.

She dropped the sheet and closed her eyes. A tingle ran down her spine and she opened her eyes and lifted the sheet again. Lordy, she’d never seen a man with such an exquisite ass. Full, rounded… She curled her fingers into her hand to keep from reaching down to touch it.

“I promise you the front view is a nice as the back,” he said.
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  1. One of my favorite sweets is chocolate covered strawberrys & blueberrys. When I make them myself diiping them in the chocolate and swirl it around is oh so fun!Waiting for the chocolate to harden,just knowing it’s in the kitchen.
    I’m quessing maybe I over shared. 🙂
    Life is short find your joy where you

  2. Daune,
    A woman after my own heart. I remember my sil(hubby’s actually) sister got married, and she had the FAB groom’s cake. Chocolate with strawberries. And they had a bunch of chocolate covered strawberries with it. We ate WAY too many, but they were GUD.

  3. I shouldn’t eat sweets, I mustn’t eat sweets…..sigh.

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  4. Fav sweet… hmmm… love cookie dough ice cream, but if you go with chocolate it would be peanut M&Ms… Yum, now I want something…

  5. You all so have me hankering for dessert, everything sounds so yummy. My sweet of choice is sour Jelly Bellies, I am addicted to the little puppies.

  6. Mel,

    I had a question about this story. Since I read the orgiginal version, Her Wicked Warrior, are there any major changes or extra content added to this version?

  7. Anything with dark chocolate and marshmallows. All nuts are okay except for walnuts and peanuts. Yum!


  8. All of them, or just about! Definitely a sweet tooth here! Chocolate, of course, and gummies top my list. I’m also a sucker for baked goods–cookies, cake, you name it, I’ll eat it 🙂

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