Summer of Love: Their Secret Paradise - Melissa Schroeder

Summer of Love: Their Secret Paradise

Today our author is J. Rose Allister! She is giving away a download to one lucky person. So comment away after you read her hot excerpt.

J. Rose’s 411


David’s body heat surrounded her like a possessive brand as he leaned in close, his breath in her ear sending goose bumps along her arms. “You don’t really think you can fight me off forever, do you?”

The feather traced a maddening path along her abdomen, sending a wave of need through the dampness between her thighs. Fight? Her brow wrinkled over still-closed eyes. Why on earth would she resist this god’s erotic charms?

Then she remembered. What they felt wasn’t real. This was just paranormally manufactured arousal, a mystical libido boost produced by unknown forces on the island. She couldn’t let it control her. Not again.

“Eventually, I will win.” His rich timbre taunted her. “Do you want to know why?”

The plume stroked her quivering thighs and the suddenly naked patch of curls above them. Her voice was little more than a shudder of breath. “Why?”

“Because the power at work here is not only bigger than you. It is you.”

With that he thrust himself deep between thighs she had spread wide for him without a thought, his cock nothing less than a molten spear of pure sexual need. The lance of heat unleashed an animal hunger, one that exploded from the core of her womb to drench every molecule of her body. But when the jolt shot her dream eyes wide, David was no more. The man fucking her to oblivion was a sublime being with hair as dark as a starless night, and eyes a blazing obsidian that burned within from the volcanic powers that forged it. His gaze took her as sexually as his heated penetration, and she gasped in shock.

“What are you? Where’s David?”

His laugh rippled the air in waves around them, and he thrust in possession of her again. “I am the power of your own yearning.” He leaned close to her ear, the rest a growled whisper that mesmerized. “I am Lust.”

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  1. Have not read anything from this author… wow great excerpt… now I want to read more…

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