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On the Road Again

Yep, we are heading out of town for a long weekend. Since Les got his notice of the 365 to Iraq, we decided we would take as much time as we could away from home with the kids. We are going to one of those Great Wolf Lodges and I will be posting lots of pics on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

I will be taking a lot of time away from work there. I’ll probably do some editing on Delilah’s Downfall, but for the most part, I have no schedule. I plan on doing a lot of reading as I relax by the pool. I might even do a pedi while I am there. I definitely want to try and pop over to Colonial Williamsburg to check out the new coffee house. We were there when they first started it so it will be cool to see again. And I love to pop into Sheilds Tavern, as the man who plays the owner there is fantastic. It is really kind of corny, but it is fun to walk down the street and see Washington and Lafayette riding horses side by side.

Down time and reading time are very important to authors. It is something I learned a long time ago. It helps my creativity to just walk away from it every now and then. I am always appalled when I find there are people who write in a genre and they don’t read in it.  Since I am going to be editing A Little Harmless Lie, I’ll be reading some erotics and I am about to start reediting The Spy Who Loved Her, so I will be reading some historicals too.

Have a great weekend!


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