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I am bringing an insane amount of promo with me to Authors After Dark. I have always said that once I was making money where I could afford it, I would definitely do it. I have lots of different cover flats, some magnets, bookmarks and then, I have a few surprises for everyone;) Here are […]

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New Winners: Big Holiday Bash Giveaway

Well its Friday and the deadline for contacting me about prizes was yesterday. I’ve checked email and 4 people never got hold of me. Sad for them but great for you. I had to pull a new winner for the Historical Holiday bag and that is…. mwilson Congratulations. Please shoot me an email with our […]

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Winners, winners all around

I plugged the names in List generator and have come up with the winners from the Holiday Giveaway. First off the winners of the Trading Card Packs. pagemom Phyllis C Asian Cocoa May Jane Rho Cathy M Crystal GB Phuong Gina (Lady D) Please send an email to with your mailing address. Please […]

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