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Sweet Patience

Chance MacGuire has always had good luck. Great childhood, great career and hell, women are easy for him. Except for Patience Sawyer. The woman is a list maker. Hell, she makes lists of her lists. Chance likes to go with the flow and see where he ends up. He hates schedules. But when she proposes […]

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Hands On Training

Opposites attract in this romantic comedy featuring not just one sexy hero but two.  Joey Vernon can’t stand the man.  Or at least that’s what my mind tell me. My body…that’s another story. I’ve been lusting for him for months and now that we are on a job together, it’s getting worse. She’s completely wrong […]

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The Hired Hand

Wrong bed, right guy…and a whole lot of sexy fun in a romantic comedy as hot as a Texas in July. A well-meaning friend and birthday Marlow Smith won’t forget… Sometimes, I just don’t understand my best friend, and I definitely want to kill her after she left me stranded in Dallas with directions to […]

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