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It’s a 3 day romance extravaganza! Hundreds of free books in all the romance subgenres are available from September 20-22 via the Stuff Your eReader promotion. Head over to to meet your next book boyfriend or girlfriend. Only for Him is included for the first time for one of these promotions, as are all […]

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The Original Harmless are now on Preorder!

Yay, all the Original Harmless books are on preorder! Make sure to preorder the books today so you don’t miss out on all the new goodies! And make sure to subscribe to updates so you get all the inside information about the 20th Anniversary Editions.

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A Change is Coming for Harmless

It’s hard to believe that twenty years ago, I was writing A Little Harmless Sex. It released a year later, and my baby is turning 19 this October. While I was thinking about ways to celebrate, I realized that I needed to update a few things, other than just the covers. The Harmless books are going […]

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Instalove going wide!

My Instalove Collection is going into wide distribution (including Kobo Plus!) in a week. If you started reading any of the series, you can borrow them now before they are pulled from the KU platform. They will continue to be available for purchase. And if you are worried, I will still get the credit for […]

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