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Only for Him on preorder!

Only for Him was a free serial that I wrote in the Harmless world that will release this summer as a novella in digital and print (although, there’s no preorder for print right now). I’m editing and expanding it. It’s on sale at all outlets so make sure to check it out.

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6 Things I love about CRAZY LOVE

Today is the day! Carter Hawthorne is finally here and I hope everyone loves his story. I was really nervous about writing his story because I knew he was a reader favorite. It took me longer due to some personal issues and again, I wanted to make sure Carter was up to snuff for readers.

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A New Look for Two Series!

I am so excited to share these new covers with y’all! By Blood and Telepathic Cravings series have been optioned by Scribd for audio, so I knew I needed to have them redone.

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