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Leonardo is back in Audio!

I’m so excited for these new versions of everyone’s favorite military family! Remember, these will spend approximately 3 months on Scribd exclusively before they will go into full distribution.

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Last Love in Audio!

Liv and Mason are finally in audio on Scribd! It will take a little bit to get them into distribution, but soon they will be available everywhere. And more audiobooks are coming! Even better, Scribd is working on Task Force Hawaii and The Santinis! I am so excited, and can’t wait to hear those books.

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Find some romance for your ears!

I hope to have news about Last Love audio soon, but why not check out the other books I have in audio, including the Semper Fi Marines collection all in one audiobook? This is the perfect time of year to escape into audiobooks.

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More audio news!

Crazy Love and Hard Habit to Break are in the works for audio, but some of my books are finally making it to other retailers. I have updated all the books that are in distribution (Audible and Amazon are taking FOREVER but will update). You can check out the ones that have made it into […]

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