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Do you like futuristics?

A lot of people don’t always realize that I write outside of contemporary romance, but I have quite a few futuristic books. Several of them are coming to audio soon, so I had new covers done for three of them.

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Luscious is in Audio!

Yay, Luscious is now in Audio from Scribd audio! It will be in distribution soon, but you can listen as part of your Scribd subscription.  Check out all of my books on Scribd. 

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Two new books in Audio!

Delicious and Hate to Love You are now in Audio! For right now, they are just with Scribd, but they will go into distribution soon. Remember, Scribd has a membership that is only 10 bucks a month. There are THOUSANDS of ebooks and audiobooks.

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Saving Thea in Audio!

I’m so excited to announce that Saving Thea is now in audio. Right now, it is only on Scribd, who produced it. It will go into distribution at a later date. Scribd is a bit like KU, for about the same price, but it offers ebooks and audio for you to listen to. They have […]

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