Harmless Publishing - Melissa Schroeder

Publisher: Harmless Publishing


What does a Dom do when he realizes the one woman he could never live without in business is the one woman he needs in his bed? I’m a man who has everything I could want.  Money, power, and more women than I can count. Unfortunately, the one woman I need is the one woman […]

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Harmless Scandals

Wanting two men isn’t the smart thing to do, but falling for both of them might just ruin all their lives. After a childhood spent in front of the cameras, I am happy to be a nobody now. I was the poster child for an out of control and had more than one deranged fan. […]

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Harmless Revenge

Loving someone doesn’t mean you can save him from himself. I’ve always been a man on top of my game. And that game is international espionage. Not on the bad end of it. I’m one of the good guys. Or I had been until about six months ago. My whole world got turned upside down […]

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Harmless Secrets

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can trust them. I’m a man without a past–not one that anyone can dig into. I’ve kept myself safe from my enemies and no one has gotten past my defenses except one woman, Alicia. Five years ago, I let my guard down. That one night of passion […]

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