Fast Facts - Melissa Schroeder

All the Fast Facts

  • Since 2004, Melissa has had over 70 novels, novellas, and short stories published with ten different publishers, including her own publishing house, Harmless Publishing.
  • She one of the founding members of Passionate Ink, the erotic romance chapter of RWA.
  • During her close to twenty-five years of marriage, she has lived in seventeen different houses/apartments, six different states, and had nine major moves. These included three different times in Texas and one time across the Pacific to Hawaii.
  • While she was attending Midwestern State University, Charlie McMurtry, cowboy poet and brother to Larry, taught her how to waltz.
  • She cooked her first batch of spaghetti and meatballs at the age of seven and still loves to cook today.
  • In the twelve months after Melissa's first release, she had fourteen releases.
  • Melissa signed her first contract in March of 2004 with Whiskey Creek Press. Within six weeks, she signed with two more publishers.
  • Military brat now married to a retired Air Force major.

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