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A trip back to Rough ‘n Ready

July 26, 2017

Since we are knee deep in the Harmless Series reissue, I thought we could take a step back into an interview I did a few years ago with the owners of Rough ‘n Ready.

And make sure to check out A Little Harmless Obsession (Evan’s book) and A Little Harmless Lie (Micah’s book).

Interview with Rough ‘n Ready owner Evan Chambers and Micah Ross.


After my interview with Evan a few days ago, he invited me to the club that he owns with Micah Ross. Both men are Doms, or a person who needs to be the Dominant in the bedroom. Their friendship has spanned a couple of decades and they decided to open a club in Hawaii just five short years ago. They have built it into one of the premiere BDSM clubs in the Pacific Rim.

When I arrive, Micah, a six foot tall Native American with hair down to his very fine ass takes me through the club. The main room his huge, probably about half the size of football field. Black, silver and red dominate the room’s colors. It looks much like any other club, sort of an old factory feel to it. There are four bars, three smaller and one central bar that is a big bigger. It is the middle of the day, so it is deserted. I turn my attention back to my guide. As I said, he is a tall man, and big. I am used to tall men, since Les is 6’3” but Micah is an inch taller at least. He’s dressed in black chinos and red dress shirt.

Me: Does this place fill up every night?

Micah: smiles Not every night, but most nights we are pretty busy. People pay a lot to be a member so it would be stupid to waste the money.

Me: So, that’s the reason for the high fee.

Micah: No. We actually want to make sure a member is serious. We don’t want people to use us as curiosity.

Me: I would think that would part of the draw.

Micah: Of course, and that is why we have the daily passes. No participation in the play rooms for those people. To be a full member you have to submit an application and we require a physical exam.

He shows me up a set of stairs to the office. Dressed casually as always in a t-shirt and I am sure a pair of Wranglers, Evan sits behind pounding on the keys.

Micah: Off the computer, bra. We can’t afford another one right now.

Evan: Rolls his gorgeous blue eyes and smiles at me. As usual, my brain shuts down for a second.  He worries about money when we have too much money now.

Micah: Remember the last computer we had? The tech said he never saw something so screwed up in his life. Get out of my seat, son.

Good naturedly, Evan relinquishes the chair and offers me one of the two chairs in front of the desk. Both men wait for me to sit before sitting down themselves.

Evan: What did you think of the club?

Me: It is really nice, I can see why you are making a lot of money. Are there any other clubs like this.

Micah: No. In fact, we are the only destination on the islands like this.

Evan: One of the selling points, and one of the reasons that we do a very good business in the nightly passes.

Me: But those people aren’t allowed to the rooms?

Evan: Yeah, safety. We try our best to give patrons a nice, safe environment.

Micah flips a few switches and the floor below lights up. What I could not see before was that much of the floor is transparent when the rooms below are lit up. There are at least twenty of them, varying from something that appears to be for the novice to hard core leather.

Me: Wow, some set up.

Micah: Nothing compared to the private rooms up above, but those aren’t for viewing.

Me: So, what is the one thing that you want to offer your patrons.

Evan: It’s important to have a safe place to be yourself. Not everyone has that. And, there is no judgment in here.

Me: And that is important?

Micah: Being in the life, especially since so many people outside of the lifestyle judge us. We want them to feel comfortable. Plus, there are predators out there. Not that we can weed them all out, but we try our best.

Me: Pretty nice, if I do say so myself.

I notice a flash of light and realize someone opened the front door. It’s five o’clock so the first workers for the night are showing up. Micah’s interest zeroes in on a petite blonde who heads to the main bar and gets to work.

Me: I guess that is my signal to go. You gentleman have a business to run.

Evan: smiles at me If Micah wasn’t stalking someone, he would have invited you to come tonight to play.

Me: blushes No thanks. I know I am not into public displays, and Les wouldn’t be happy. He’s already mad I ran away to come over here to interview you two.

Evan: I can understand that. And so can the stalker behind the desk.

I glance over at Micah who finally realizes we are discussing him. The big Dom blushes and shakes his head.

Micah: If you and Les come for a visit, let us know. We’ll let you have one of the rooms upstairs to play for free.

With that promise they take me downstairs and I thank them for the interview and head back to my hotel room at Hilton Hawaiian Village regretting that I didn’t bring Les with me.

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