Throwback Thursday: The Hired Hand - Melissa Schroeder

Throwback Thursday: The Hired Hand

May 18, 2017

The first contract I ever signed was for The Hired Hand!



“How did you sleep last night, Ms. Marlow?” he asked.

Her eyes narrowed and she didn’t say anything for a few seconds and he was sure she was probably weighing whether or not he was being facetious.

“I slept fine,” she replied, her voice as cold as a blue northern.

“Hmm, in awfully early for someone who slept fine.”

She went back to studying the paper in front of her. Then once the silence had stretched and Liam was feeling a little uncomfortable, she looked up and said, “I come in about six-thirty every day, Liam. I like to come in when it’s quiet and I can get a lot of work done, without any interruptions.”

She pushed her glasses back up her nose and went back to studying the sheet in front of her. When he glanced down, he noticed the paper she was actually “reading” was upside down. Well, well, little Ms. Marlow was not as immune to me as she would like me to believe.

“Just in case you wondering, I didn’t sleep well at all. couldn’t stop thinking about you.” He paused and saw her swallow and the pulse fluttering in her slender neck. Oh, he wished he could lean across the desk and kiss that spot. “So, there I was, taking a cold shower at two in the morning and it didn’t do any good.”

The paper trembled slightly in her hand and she licked her lips. He almost groaned out loud when he saw her tongue dart out to lick her plump lower lip. She worried her lower lip with her teeth and licked it again. The heat that had settled in his stomach took a quick slide to his groin.

Slowly, he walked around the desk, but she still didn’t look up. Instead, she had abandoned the paper and moved onto straightening her desk. She spent an inordinate amount of time placing her desk calendar and her penholder in exactly the right spot.

He leaned against the desk, crossing his legs at his ankles and gently lifted her chin with his finger. She swallowed nervously.

“Stood in that cold shower for twenty minutes. But then, I guess it reminded me of our shower together. You remember that, don’t you?” Her eyes turned so violet, they resembled smoke. He knew then she remembered the same thing he did. Him sitting in the tub with the shower running, her on top of him, riding him hard as the water streamed down on top of them.

He swallowed nervously. Jesus, I planned on seducing her, not losing control myself.


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