Teaser Tuesday: A Little Harmless Faith - Melissa Schroeder

Teaser Tuesday: A Little Harmless Faith

May 8, 2018

Remember, ALH Faith is being offered at the intro price of 2.99!

A Little Harmless Faith (releasing 6/1/2018)

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Check out this unedited excerpt:

When she turned away, he grabbed her hand and tugged her back. With the barest of touches, he brushes his mouth over hers. It was the first time he had done anything like this in public. They had agreed not to, but there was a part of her, a big part of her, the craved his touch, no matter where they were. And right now, they weren’t employer and employee. They were just Jensen and Nicola. She shivered, leaning into the kiss, enjoying the way his lips moved over hers. 

He pulled back before she was ready. She opened her eyes and found him shaking his head at her. When he spoke, his voice wasn’t that steady.

“You are one dangerous woman, Nicola McCann.”

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