Teaser Tuesday: Faking it with my Brother's Best Friend - Melissa Schroeder

Teaser Tuesday: Faking it with my Brother’s Best Friend

June 29, 2021



Less than 48 hours from now Faking it with my Brother’s Best Friend will be out! I really loved writing this book and I hope readers love Milo and Hazel as much as I do. I thought I would share a little snippet to get readers ready!

The moment his gaze connects with mine, heat sparks low in my belly and I want to moan. This man, those amazing green eyes…they get to me every time. I squeeze my thighs together.

He makes his way over to where I’m standing, his gaze never leaving mine. There’s a tickle in the back of my throat as I try to play it cool. I have never been that good at that, truth be told, but I promise myself I will do it tonight. I will be the cool girl. 

Also, he should stop staring at me because now my nipples are hard, and I know they can be seen in this dress. 

“He’s coming this way,” someone beside me says. I know it’s not Tracy, but I know it’s someone else who probably weighs ninety-five pounds. 

I can practically hear all of them primping as he makes his way over to us. I know that I should probably do that, but I can’t look away from him. People try to stop him, but he ignores them as he makes his way over to my group. Then he stops within inches of me. 

“Hey, Hazel.”

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