Take a trip to Hawaii... - Melissa Schroeder

Take a trip to Hawaii…

Sexy Saturday: Dec 22, 2018

Why not escape the news and cold weather and check out three stories of menage love during the holidays?


“Is there a reason you asked me out here?”

“To dance.” He said nothing else but he did pull her closer. So close, she could feel his erection against her belly. Good lord. She shot a look at him. The anger she saw there confused her.

She opened her mouth but he slipped his hand down her spine and she shivered. Little spikes of lust flared low in her belly as her pussy grew damp. Oh, this was not good. She had been pretty attracted to Jack, still was, but nowโ€ฆshe wanted nothing more than to place her lips on his neck and taste Mal. He skimmed one hand up her side, his fingers slipping beneath the fabric of her dress.

The music continued in the slow vein, the band slipping from one slow song into the next. Mal had moved them enough that she could see Jack, who was watching them with a smile. It was an odd thing that both men apparently wanted her, but Jack had no problem with his cousin mimicking sex on a dance floor. Normally such an aggressive move would turn her off, but for some reason, it was a turn-on for her with this irritating man. Oh, most people could probably not tell, but with every move of his feet, he thrust his sex against her. And, dammit, she was moving against him, her body easily responding. Heat spiraled in her tummy. Her own sex was dripping wet. Her panties wouldโ€™ve be soakedโ€ฆif she had been smart enough to wear them.

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