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Some important updates…

October 31, 2017

As many of you have seen on my social media sites, I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, it looks like they caught it before it could spread and I have a very good team of doctors on the case. It does cause some issues though.

  • Due to treatments and surgery, I am not sure sure what will happen with my appearances. I will not be at any other public events for 2017. Right now, I plan on making them in 2018, but that depends on my doctor’s orders and how I respond to treatment. Updates will be posted as soon as I know.
  • Hawaiian Holidays is releasing a week from today without any delay.
  • A Little Harmless Faith is set to release on time. If that changes, I will let readers know. The COVER REVEAL will go on as planned. Please sign up with Xpresso Cover Reveal.
  • Only For Him will be postponed.ย  I hate to do it, but I must concentrate on recovery.
  • Releases for 2018: All up in the air. I don’t want to push myself too much. I plan on writing, but I won’t have a set writing schedule. Releases will have short preorder times, but I will announce here or in my newsletter.
  • Some folks have asked about sending me notes and cards. You can send everything to:

Melissa Schroeder
PO Box 861585
Vint Hill Farm, VA 20187-1585

I want to thank everyone who has commented or emailed me. I truly appreciate your support.

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