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News on Camos and Cupcakes

February 12, 2020

Hey, there! I promise I have been busy working behind the scenes. Lots of writing getting done up in here.

I wanted to talk a little bit about Kindle Unlimited and how I plan on moving forward.When I started out my little experiment with KU, I said I would do what was best for me and my readers. While I know some people get upset when authors go exclusive, it is another way to make a living. But, I said I wouldn’t just leave my books in there forever. That there would be times I would move them to wide distribution. And that is going to happen starting next week. Here’s why.




Book sales are organic and so subjective based on a multitude of factors. One thing I have learned in the last sixteen years is that sales can grow stagnant over time. Many times that really has nothing to do with the author but based on algorithms on sites or just the market in general. So, this is another part of my experiment. This is a three book series, already done, with two books that never sold in wide distribution.

For those of you who read things in KU, be sure to snap them up before the 17th (when the first book is scheduled to move off KU). Amazon will allow you to read it as long as you have it on your KU library and I WILL get credit for the page reads. I’ve gotten page reads for books that haven’t been in KU for over two years, so it happens.

And you Nook, Kobo, Apple, and Google Play readers, they are coming. The official wide distribution date is going to be basically the first week of March. All of them take different times to get the books up. Best way to know? Subscribe to my newsletter or my RSS feed here on the site.

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