Military Monday: Surrender - Melissa Schroeder

Military Monday: Surrender

June 19, 2017

The third book in A Little Harmless Military Romance series features another member of the Dupree family who is also a Navy SEAL!


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“I think you need to watch yourself, Amanda. You’re a little out of your depth here.”

She blinked up at him, those luminous green eyes shining with arousal he knew she didn’t understand. She wasn’t a virgin, of course. She’d been married almost a year before her husband had been KIA. But being a sub was something different, something he knew she didn’t comprehend.

“I think you don’t know me that well, Malachai.”

Damn, he loved the way she talked. She was a military brat who’d lived in five different countries, but that deep Georgia accent clung to every one of her words, drawing out his name. He could only imagine the way it would sound when she moaned.

Shaking his head, he tried to step away. At least he told his feet to move, but another part of his anatomy seemed to be controlling his actions.

She reached up and brushed her fingers over his jaw. He growled and she smiled.

“I’m not a little girl.”

“No, but you don’t know what goes on here or what a Dom will expect from you.”

She cocked her head, the silky strands of her chestnut hair sliding over her bare shoulder. “The question is, are you Dom enough to show me?”

He heard the defiance in her voice, and he knew what she wanted—what she thought she wanted. Settling a hand against the wall on either side of her head, he leaned even closer. Her breath caught, and he could see her pulse flutter in her neck.

“Is that a dare, Amanda? Because there is one thing you should never do and that is taunt a Dom.”

She looked down for a moment, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth. His breath seemed to clog in his throat as he thought that maybe he had convinced her she was wrong. Part of him was happy, but a bigger part of him, the one that dreamed of her every night, thought of her every day, was crushed.

She slowly raised her gaze to his and one side of her mouth curved.

“Yeah, Mal, I think I am taunting you.” Her tongue darted out over her lips, and her eyes shone with challenge. “Whatcha gonna do about it?”

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