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Meet Ren Morello!

January 25, 2018

Check out this interview with Ren Morello, the hero in Grace Under Pressure which is included in the Trouble in Texas Bundle that is on sale this month!

This was originally published a few years ago, but I thought I would share it again.


Today I wanted to feature the hero from my first ever released book Grace Under Pressure. Ren is the local sheriff of a small Texas town with a wicked sense of humor and a bone-deep goodness that makes a girl all gooey, especially our heroine Grace. He meets me in Cannon’s busiest restaurant, the Wagon Wheel. He is wearing snug fitting jeans and a blue denim shirt. He’s a tall man, most of it leg, with chocolate brown eyes and short, military cut black hair.

Mel: Thanks for taking time off today. I know being a small town sheriff keeps you hopping.

RENsmiles Yeah, I thought it would be easy to step into the job, easy work. But, when you are the head cop in a small town, everyone knows your name. And, unfortunately, your phone number.

Mel: It must have been a big change after working with big city crime.

REN: Yeah. I pretty much know everyone’s name here, so not much happens I don’t know about. Of course, that is a pro and con all wrapped up into one thing.

Mel: How so?

REN: The pro is that I recognize a stranger, someone out of place. When I lived in the city, everyone was a stranger. But then, that can be good in certain areas. Here, they know where I live, know my cell, and I know entirely too much about their personal lives.

Mel: Personal lives?

REN: You cannot be the sherriff and not know who is doing whom, if you get my drift.

MelI laugh Believe me, I understand that completely. So, what has been going on with you and Grace since you got married.

REN: Not much. Grace’s book about the whole situation that brought us together was a USA Today best seller for nonfiction. And, we are expecting our first kiddo, due in August.

Mel: August?

RENnodding Yeah, I got read the riot act on that one. August, hot and right when school starts. But, I don’t think she really cares. She is a fat and happy pregnant woman.

Mel: Oh, you just called her fat.

REN: She’s pregnant.

MelI cross my arms and smirk. You think she will care.

REN: Damn. I bet you’re right. I’ll just make sure she doesn’t read this.

Mel: Really, you think you can keep her from getting online?

REN: Smiles and winks at me. I have my ways of distracting her, believe me.

Mel: I laugh Well, I will let you get back to work, I can imagine you have a lot to do.

RENNods Yep, and soon Mrs Janey will be calling I’m sure.

Mel: Thanks for meeting with me.

REN: Anytime, darling.




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