Love to Hate You is here! - Melissa Schroeder

Love to Hate You is here!

June 18, 2020


Oh, hey! How is your summer going?

I am so excited that Love to Hate You is finally here! If you are a member of my Harmless Addicts, you know that this book went through a lot of different versions before I finally finished the book. Here are five things I love about the book.

  1. Nancy is a no nonsense kind of gal who loves hard. She is one of my favorite heroines I have written in awhile.
  2. Travis is a big beautiful bear of a man. He’s a bit clueless, but he comes around soon enough.
  3. JUNIPER SPRINGS! You will get a little peek into the goings on in the crazy little South Texas town that will have its own series this year.
  4. THE  LOLs–or Little Old Ladies to everyone in town. They have their own app to report the goings on in town.
  5. More time with Syd and Grady, along with Carter.

Don’t forget to snap up Hate to Love You for free!

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