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Kindle Unlimited Alert

November 6, 2020

Hey, there. I have been busy at work on plotting my next book, but some things have been going on in the book world I thought I should let you know about it.

Early in October, BN had a breach. A big breach. We were told at first that there was just a glitch when they updated the site. No authors had sales and all of the sudden, all of our books were not available for purchase. Now, it was just about three days, but this is not the first time it happened. And it makes me nervous. One, because they weren’t truthful with us. I can take that there are cyber criminals out there. I can’t take a company lying. I see online retailers as my business partners.

There is another reason for this too. I thought I was ready to handle all the moving parts of having my books back in wide distribution. As many of you know, I went through cancer treatment two years ago. I am cancer free, but I’m still having some lingering issues. It is just easier for me to handle one sales channel.

So, the books are going back into KU on November 13th. You have time to snap them up before they go back. After that, they will go into KU, but I will pull series out from time to time and put them into wide distribution for a month or two. Thanks for understanding!

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